Here’s the third and final character design based on the Oneiroi. This is Phantasos, god of… illusions, wacky dreams, and apparitions, basically.

Here’s the second of three character designs based on the Oneiroi. This is Morpheus, god of dreams.

Here’s the first of three character designs based on the Oneiroi. This is Phobetor, god of nightmares.

drawing hands more like crying into my caffeine and wishing humans had flippers instead

Anonymous asked: i have a project about street harassment, and its going to have words all over it, and i want to write "i hold my keys like a sword" because i love that one comic you made that said that, and i wanted your permission to use that phrase! is it okay with you?

heck yeah go for it B)

I have to do two complete character illustrations tonight.

Anonymous asked: Has anyone made puns with your name?

grace under pressure
amazing grace
saving grace
say grace before you eat
that was graceful

no, no one has made puns with my name ever

attackontroy asked: (>.<) what if i make you cookies?

i might be swayed

attackontroy asked: Stay wonderful

no i refuse


proceed at your own risk

Anonymous asked: 1) i LOVE YOUR ARTWORK (your fanart inspired me to read the pjo/hoo series 2) im about to go to college next year and im having a rough time deciding where to go because i love art, but i cant tell my parents because they are very strict and would probs disown me, so i have to pretend to like other subjects for their sake. i was wondering if you could tell me a bit about your experiences as an artist/ being in art school to help me make my decision?

1) Thank you!! That’s so awesome to hear, I’m equal parts thrilled and sorry to have dragged you into it. :U

2) I had to think on this answer for a bit because 1) I’m in no way an authority on How To Go To College and 2) it’s a really personal choice that only you can ultimately make, and I don’t want you to take my answer  too seriously. But ummm… (LOTS of thoughts on the matter under the cut, sorry, I wrote a novel. Again.)

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A tiny doodle of Drew. Sorry about the lack of art lately, I’ve had a whole lot going on and now we’re getting into final projects. But hopefully I’ll get back to my tablet soon…

Anonymous asked: I love your art and I hope I'll become as good as you! Really, you impress me. Love always, C


Anonymous asked: I actually really wanna see the porn? Do you have the link?

fuck no