I’ve discovered my favorite body type to draw thank you lord

Anonymous asked: What size do you make your canvas in PaintTool Sai?

For doodles, usually 1000px by 1000px, but lately I’ve bumped everything up to 11in x 17in so that it fits the nice paper on the school printer without scaling weird. But that’s like, 3300px by 5500px, or something like that. It’s ridiculously too much canvas, I’m still trying to get used to it. (My laptop can’t even BEGIN to show it all at once without me scrolling way the hell out.)

Really impulsive mer!Percy speedpaint… wanted to get the idea down. 15 minutes.

Drawing on the train more like goodbye symmetry, am i right fellas

Anonymous asked: This is gonna sound so stupid. But what's an RA?

An RA is a Residence Assistant. Basically it’s a person who lives on your dorm floor and is there to welcome you to the school and show you around and answer your questions, and later in the year helps with maintenance issues and roommate troubles. They’re like the den leader.

detectivewolfdong asked: YO CONGRATS ON GETTING THE... JOb? i mean the ra thing man like that's awesome

YHEP it’s a job, so I’ll have my own apartment downtown next year like a real grown up

but really i’m super excited for orientation day and move-in day and taking new kids on walking tours of the city and having movie nights and dealing with existential crises at 2am and constantly hunting down the maintenance guy for people I’M SO STOKED

So I’m gunna be an RA at the dorms next year.

Here’s the third and final character design based on the Oneiroi. This is Phantasos, god of… illusions, wacky dreams, and apparitions, basically.

Here’s the second of three character designs based on the Oneiroi. This is Morpheus, god of dreams.

Here’s the first of three character designs based on the Oneiroi. This is Phobetor, god of nightmares.

drawing hands more like crying into my caffeine and wishing humans had flippers instead

Anonymous asked: i have a project about street harassment, and its going to have words all over it, and i want to write "i hold my keys like a sword" because i love that one comic you made that said that, and i wanted your permission to use that phrase! is it okay with you?

heck yeah go for it B)

I have to do two complete character illustrations tonight.

Anonymous asked: Has anyone made puns with your name?

grace under pressure
amazing grace
saving grace
say grace before you eat
that was graceful

no, no one has made puns with my name ever

attackontroy asked: (>.<) what if i make you cookies?

i might be swayed